Cockburn on the curious case

Spectator USA’s pseudonymous Cockburn attends to the curious case of Ilhan Omar in the column “Ilhan Omar lawyer: two marriages hard to explain.” Reviewing the case from its inception on the Somali Spot site through its evidentiary twists and turns over the past three years, Cockburn writes with the exactitude of a historian and the dash of a humorist.

Taking a look back with a gimlet eye, Cockburn writes, for example: “It’s impossible to read this mounting pile of credible evidence without wondering if Ilhan Omar was, perhaps unknowingly, implicated in education and immigration fraud, and whether, perhaps unknowingly, she was married to two men at the same time. So Cockburn can understand why questions have been raised about Omar’s domestic arrangements by investigators like Scott Johnson of Powerline; Preya Samsundar (now a GOP strategist) and Christine Baumann, formerly of Alpha News; and David Steinberg, formerly of PJ Media.”

Highly recommended.