They call him Miftah Beinart

Paul Mirengoff wrote here about the vile group that organized and underwrote the trip Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib planned to take to “Palestine.” The Miftah factor (i.e., the nature of Miftah) of course remains a deep secret to readers who get their news from the mainstream media. Writing for the opinion page of the New York Times, Bari Weiss is the only prominent exception of which I am aware.

Now comes Newsbusuters’ Curtis Houck to recount what happened when Rich Lowry introduced the Miftah factor into his close encounter with Peter Beinart in a panel discussion yesterday on CNN. Beinart blew a gasket: “[Beinart’s] child-like meltdown grew so hysterical that Beinart screeched about how National Review supports apartheid, segregation, and Israeli terror on Palestinians while denying that Miftah has issues with Jews.”

Houck has more here, all of it worth reading. All honor to Rich Lowry, who kept his cool and held his own while Beinart went ballistic (the transcript here at RCP along with the video here at the Washington Free Beacon and below give Beinart his say before he loses it).