Stand by your sham: An introduction

Of all the scandals in which Ilhan Omar is enmeshed, one might think the Daily Mail’s revelation this past July of her affair with political consultant Tim Mynett would be the least of them. The news last month of Beth Mynett’s divorce filing, however, has had a slightly awakening effect on a Somali community that has taken Omar at face value.

Omar’s denial of the affair is a lie that is both obvious and bald-faced. She has therefore run from the tabloid newspapers and the local media as they sought to report on the scandal.

The Star Tribune reported Tim Mynett’s answer denying the relevant allegations to Beth Mynett’s petition for divorce as big news. Anyone who knows anything about the way the world works understands that Mynett’s denial is pro forma.

Indeed, knowledgeable sources advise me that Omar and her husband are separated as well as the location of their separate residences. The Daily Mail published photographic evidence of Omar’s downtown Minneapolis apartment (listed under her name).

I tracked down the apartment where Omar’s husband was living in south Minneapolis — he has since moved — to confirm the information provided by my sources. Indeed, sources further advise that Omar and her husband have been divorced in their “faith tradition,” as Omar likes to put it.

Before the Mynett scandal receded from the news, it pushed the incredible panoply of scandals we have covered in depth on Power Line into the background: the identity fraud, the marriage fraud, the immigration fraud, the tax fraud. The mainstream media — take, for example, Margaret Brennan interview of Omar on CBS’s Face the Nation this past Sunday — happily accommodate Omar’s avoidance of these frauds. In such interviews, these scandals are to remain a deep secret.

In the pop music stream of consciousness that frequently occupies me, I move from Timmy Mynett to Tammy Wynette and from “Stand By Your Man” to “Stand By Your Sham.” This is the first part of a series intended to keep the Omar frauds in public view for further examination.