Blacks for Buttigieg event disrupted by white “black lives matter” protester

John wrote below about Democrats gone wild. Let’s file the following story under left-wing Democrats gone wild.

Pete Buttigieg hasn’t been able to garner significant support from blacks. One reason is said to be his disagreements with black activists over policing in South Bend, Indiana, where Buttigieg is mayor. I doubt that this is Buttigieg’s main problem with black voters, but I’m sure it doesn’t help him.

In any case, some of Buttigieg’s black supporters in South Bend held an event yesterday to express their support for the mayor. One black supporter was discussing Buttigieg’s efforts to build affordable housing in her ward, when a white activist approached her.

The man, who was wearing a “Black Lives Matter South Bend” shirt, snatched the mic from the woman and demanded to know “who chose these people as black leaders?” He also asked, “where are the black leaders who don’t have 3-piece suits, leather jackets, and nice clothes?”

The black leaders whose bona fides the aggressor attacked include several clergymen, a female community organizer who was shoved during the altercation, and an elected councilwoman. The latter is the person from whom the mic was seized.

The mic snatcher wasn’t alone is disrupting the meeting. A group of about ten Black Lives Matter South Bend members had been heckling the black Buttigieg supporters. Buttigieg’s campaign says the disrupters are Bernie Sanders supporters. One of them reportedly is a self-described “Bernie bro.”

The Buttigieg supporters fought back after the BLM guy seized the mic. A 77 year-old woman waved a cane at him. Others wrestled the mic away so the program could continue. He was then restrained, reportedly by the brother of a black man who was fatally shot by a South Bend police officer earlier this year.

The altercation in South Bend is more evidence that African-American Democrats are less radical than the left half (or so) of the Democratic party as a whole. Mainstream African-American Dems like the ones in South Bend would rather light a few candles than curse the darkness. Their left-wing adversaries curse both the darkness and the candle lighters.

It’s true that Buttigieg has virtually no support among black Democrats nationwide. However, it’s also true that the favorite of black Dems, Joe Biden, is less radical than Buttigieg.

Bernie Sanders does not enjoy much black support. If the charge sticks that “Bernie bros” were behind the shameful disruption of the Buttigieg event, including the assault on a black community leader, Sanders might enjoy even less black support.