Live from Minneapolis

John served as the guest host on the June 1 edition of the Dan Proft show. John opened the show with an interview of Kyle Hooten, who has provided incomparable coverage of the Minneapolis meltdown. I have embedded a podcast of the entire show below. Kyle packs a lot of information into his two segments with John.

The headlines on the home page of Minneapolis’s Star Tribune provide a glimpse of recent developments as the city has descended into madness and chaos:

“Minnesota Human Rights Department launches probe into Minneapolis police.” Subhead: “The investigation will look at Minneapolis police policies and procedures over the past 10 years to determine if police engaged in discriminatory practices.”

“Mother of George Floyd’s daughter speaks as thousands fill Capitol grounds to demand change.” Subhead: “With their daughter by her side, Roxie Washington struggled through emotion to share that Floyd’s life was more than his final moments.”

“Minneapolis police cite ‘fluid’ situation for troubling misinformation released after George Floyd death.” Subhead: “The most credible accounts of what happened that night came from bystander video and private surveillance footage.”

“Charges: Minnesotans drove plateless car, carried guns and hammer during George Floyd protest.” Subhead: “The case conflicts with authorities’ initial warnings that “outside agitators” were largely responsible for the havoc that trailed protests.”

“Condition of burned Lake Street liquor store cuts short search for possible body.” Subhead: “Witnesses said someone didn’t make it out, but it’s unclear who, if anyone.”

“In Minneapolis, a quiet army of generosity gains strength.” Subhead:
“The sheer scope of support, pouring in from Minnesota and the nation, has surprised and relieved exhausted Minneapolis communities.”

“Protesters return to the streets as Trump decries ‘lowlifes'” (a wire service story).

“Trucker who drove into protesters on 35W Bridge released without charges.” Subhead: “‘Investigators are in the process of gathering additional information and answers to aid in the charging decision,’ a statement says.”

And from the Star Tribune board of editors: “Ellison can help build trust that justice will be served in Floyd case.” Subhead: “Attorney general’s experience in civil rights is needed as case tests legal system’s credibility.” It’s time to stop the madness!