Endorsing Dems and suppressing news

Minneapolis’s Star Tribune dominates the news in our region and yet it something worse than a pitiful excuse for a newspaper. It has the resources and material to be great, but it is a thoroughgoing partisan rag that does more to cover up the news than cover it.

Over the past few days the paper has unfurled its editorial endorsements to great fanfare. The suspense is great for all those around the state who are slow on the uptake or blind to unvarying patterns. This just in: Democrat rag supports Democrat candidates, except in an uncompetitive race where it can further the pretense that it is anything other than a partisan rag.

The Star Tribune sits in the heart of Minnesota’s Fifth District, represented by Ilhan Omar. She’s on the ballot this year. She is opposed by an admirable and inspiring Republican candidate. The editors know Omar is — how to put it? — problematic, and withhold any endorsement in a race she is foreordained to win.

The paper’s editorial in the Fifth District race is particularly contemptible work of art for a variety of reasons. Here I want to draw attention to its conclusion:

Last month, the conservative activist group Project Veritas alleged that Omar is connected to election fraud involving the collection of ballots. The report was steeped in innuendo, and developments since have not enhanced its credibility. In the absence of verifiable evidence, voters should disregard the allegation.

This is a newspaper in the process of suppressing the news. It doesn’t take much work to dig up “verifiable evidence” of voter fraud in the Fifth District. You’d think the Star Tribune might have assigned a few reporters to look into the issue. I volunteer to lend a hand to any Star Tribune reporter who would like help finding witnesses with first-hand knowledge of voter fraud in the paper’s own backyard. They aren’t hard to find!

In his latest column for the Blaze, for example, David Steinberg gives reporters a lead. His column is “Exclusive: Minnesota Democratic candidate alleges outright vote buying by Minnesota Democrats: ‘worse than Somalia.'” The lady featured in David’s column knows what she is talking about.