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Betsy’s Beach Encounter With a Liberal

Featured image I spend half the year on Cape Cod. As with most beach towns, once Labor Day rolls around, the summer crowds have left. Although some return on weekends throughout September and October, the two most beautiful months of the year on the Cape, during the week, the beaches are generally empty, especially at 7 a.m. As I do every morning, I took my dog Reggie for a beach walk. A »

If you’re indicted, you’re invited! Journalism Is Dead

Featured image As with every political party, there exists a broad spectrum in terms of extremity among Democrats, whose members range from the sane, such as Bill Maher and George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley, to the rabid, such as Fox News’ token liberal Juan Williams and the New York Times’ Frank Bruni.  Obviously, I am a creature of the Right, and perhaps I’ve become intolerant with age, but I can »

Poll: Nearly Half of Americans Under 30 Support Sending US Troops to Defend Ukraine

Featured image A CBS News/YouGov poll found that 48% of adults under the age of 30 support sending U.S. troops to defend Ukraine. I’m rather struck by such a high number given that the military is failing to reach recruitment goals among this very demographic. Perhaps they feel it’s a good idea as long as it isn’t them being sent to the front lines. The numbers drop off sharply among older age »

Mail-In Voting Is Here to Stay; GOP Must Adapt or Lose

Featured image In a perfect world, voters would be required to show up on Election Day to cast their ballots. Unfortunately, the pandemic handed Democrats a golden opportunity to implement mail-in voting and its close cousins, early voting and ballot harvesting, on an unprecedented scale. As dangerous and unpalatable as these activities may be, they are here to stay. By Election Day, Democratic candidates, who have been getting out the vote for »

Gov Abbott Reacts to Biden’s ‘Remain in Texas’ Proposal

Featured image After preliminary data showed the number of migrants entering the U.S. illegally had hit an all-time high last month, three U.S. officials told the Los Angeles Times the Biden administration is considering a plan to force some illegal migrants to remain in Texas “while awaiting asylum screening, effectively limiting their ability to travel within the U.S.” According to the Times, “Supporters of the remain-in-Texas idea, which has yet to be »

Biden’s ‘Absolute Wall’ Appears To Be Crumbling Absolutely

Featured image President Joe Biden insists there was an “absolute wall” between himself and his family’s overseas business adventures. Too bad for him, that wall appears to be crumbling.  As the truth about Biden’s knowledge of and likely financial benefit from these deals emerges, the media is focused on the one charge against Hunter Biden that has nothing to do with the president: He lied on 2018 federal gun form by claiming »

Meet the New Principal of John Glenn Elementary School

Featured image Fox News reports that the Western Heights School District in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, has installed a drag queen as principal of the John Glenn Elementary School. Fox has confirmed that the new hire, Shane Murnan, is “a drag queen who goes by the name of Shantel Mandalay.” Although Mandalay’s Facebook account has since been deleted, the article provides screenshots of him in his full drag glory. According to Fox, Murnan »

Kamala Harris Is Ready for the Presidency

Featured image After seeing Vice President Kamala Harris’ inappropriate laughter during a March 2022 joint press conference with Polish President Andrzej Duda in Warsaw, a former spokeswoman for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy wrote in a Twitter post, “It would be a tragedy if this woman won the presidency.” Truer words have rarely been spoken. Iuliia Mendel, who represented Zelenskyy for two years, quickly deleted the tweet amid a left-wing backlash, but a screenshot »

A case study in the madness of crowds

Featured image Days before former President Donald Trump left the White House, CNN opinion writer Daniel Dale sat down to “pick the most notable lies” from his presidency, a task he likened to “trying to pick the most notable pieces of junk from the town dump.” He assured readers that he was “qualified for the dirty job” because he had “fact checked every word uttered by this President from his inauguration day »

Democrats Stumble Upon an Explanation for Trump’s Increasing Strength

Featured image ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos was surprised by a new Wall Street Journal poll that showed President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump tied at 46% in a potential 2024 rematch. The survey of 1500 registered voters was conducted August 24-30. On Sunday’s edition of “This Week,” Stephanopoulos said, “It is kind of shocking in a way that despite all of the baggage that Donald Trump carries, he’s tied with »

No Politico, DeSantis’ Internal Poll Data Is Not Scrambling GOP Primary

Featured image Two days after the Aug. 23 Republican primary debate, a poll showed that support for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis had jumped by 7 points in the state of Iowa. The headline at Fox News screamed, “Iowa poll shows Florida gov closing the gap on Trump after first Republican debate.” Excited about his post-debate bounce, I was all set to write about it until I saw that the poll had been »

The Party that Cried Wolf

Featured image Desperate to take the focus off the FBI’s investigation into her use of a private server during her tenure as secretary of state, Hillary Clinton and her sycophants strangled reality beyond all recognition to build the case that then-candidate Donald Trump was an agent of Russia. Although Clinton lost the 2016 election, their efforts mired Trump’s campaign and then his nascent presidency in scandal for three years. And to this »

Beware the IRS

Featured image Few things in life can blow one’s day more than receiving a notice from the Internal Revenue Service that your tax return is being examined or audited.  Following a nearly decade-long dispute with the IRS over returns filed in 2013 and 2014, the United States Tax Court ultimately sided with LakePoint Land Group, a Georgia LLC, on Tuesday. The court determined that one of the IRS agents handling the case »

Mitch McConnell Suffers a Second ‘Freeze’

Featured image Speaking to reporters in Covington, Kentucky, on Wednesday, Sen. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), 81, was asked if he plans to run for reelection in 2026. After McConnell failed to respond, an aide repeated the question to him. “I’m sorry you all, we’re going to need a minute,” the aide said, winking at the group as McConnell remained silent. The senator experienced a similar “freeze” in July during a Capitol »

DOJ to Jim Jordan on FBI agent subpoenas: Nein

Featured image In a Tuesday night letter to House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH), the Department of Justice denied permission for two subpoenaed FBI special agents to testify before Congress in the GOP investigation of potential Biden family corruption. The letter, obtained by the Washington Examiner, can be viewed below. Jordan issued subpoenas on Aug. 21 to FBI special agents Thomas Sobocinski and Ryeshia Holley of the FBI’s Baltimore Field Office, »

National Archives: Biden used secret addresses for over 5,000 emails

Featured image A search conducted by the National Archives and Records Administration turned up nearly 5,400 records containing one of three pseudonymous email accounts President Joe Biden had used during his vice presidency. Those email addresses include: [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected]. NARA was responding to a June 2022 Freedom of Information Act request from the Southeastern Legal Foundation, a nonprofit constitutional legal group. In a June 28, 2022 letter to SLF, NARA »

Black men flock to Trump after Fulton County spectacle

Featured image We’re told ad nauseam that the Democrats’ political persecution of former President Donald Trump was engineered to gin up sympathy among Republican primary voters and guarantee him the nomination. In the general election, however, independent voters, disgusted with Trump’s “lawless” behavior, would align with Democrats and President Joe Biden would cruise to victory.  There are some serious flaws in this logic and they’re just starting to manifest. The spectacle of »