Black Lives Matter

Fani Fallout

Featured image Witnesses in the Fani Willis proceeding included John Floyd, father of the Atlanta DA who tapped boyfriend Nathan Wade to get Donald Trump.  Floyd was profiled as a former Black Panther who once dated Angela Davis, but reports came up short on the back story. Consider, for example, “Who is John Clifford Floyd III, father of DA Fani Willis?” by Alexis Stevens, Greg Bluestein and Tamar Hallerman. As they explain, »

Black History Reading Month

Featured image Black History Month is “ridiculous,” Morgan Freeman contends, because “black history is American history.” Black History Month also tends to ignore certain works that merit attention year round. Consider, for example,  Destined to Witness: Growing Up Black in Nazi Germany, by Hans Massaquoi, son of a Liberian father and German mother. “In their many bloody clashes for dominance in Germany,” wrote Massaquoi, “the Nazis and Commies were virtually indistinguishable. Both »

Chauvin Stabbed by Former FBI Informant

Featured image The facts are finally coming out on the prison attack on Derek Chauvin: The complaint states Chauvin was in the federal prison’s law library around 12:30 p.m. local time when another inmate, Turscak, attacked Chauvin with an improvised knife, stabbing him 22 times. … Corrections officers immediately responded to the assault and deployed pepper-spray to subdue Turscak, who told the responding officers that he would have killed Chauvin if they »

BLM Is a Racist Hate Group

Featured image There is no shortage of repulsive expressions of anti-Semitic hate in the aftermath of the Hamas attack on Israel, but it is hard to top this one from the Chicago chapter of Black Lives Matter: The “readers context comment” note adds a nice touch of understatement about how Hamas is “not known for paragliding.” But just to make sure no one is unclear on where BLM stands, here’s a more »

Confronting BLM at Berkeley

Featured image In the hectic days before departing for my current overseas assignment (more on that shortly—I’ve got a lot in the can already), I didn’t have time to relate hosting Heather Mac Donald, the most fearless journalist in America, for the Federalist Society at Berkeley Law. A substantial contingent of Black Lives Matter protestors turned up to register their displeasure at Heather’s presence and message. Let’s just say it was a »

Kendi Kar Krash

Featured image Ibram X. Kendi, ne Ibram Henry Rogers, is this generation’s Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton on steroids: race hustling shakedowns perfected. His target has been universities, which have been content to shower him with money, the most recent being Boston University, which lured him and his Center for Antiracist Research away from American University several years ago. Twitter founder Jack Dorsey gave Kendi a $10 million unrestricted grant, among other »

“Insurrections,” Ours and Theirs

Featured image On Thursday evening our time, I was on Sky News Australia’s U.S. Report, hosted by James Morrow. We talked about the sentencing of Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio to 22 years in prison, two years longer than the maximum penalty prescribed by law, for participation in an “insurrection” that he missed. We contrasted that with the 10-year sentence, half of the presumptive punishment, for an arsonist/murderer who was engaged in »

Blue Cities: Getting It Good and Hard

Featured image Why does anyone still live in San Francisco? Why would any group hold a convention or similar event there? Why would a tourist set foot there? That city has been so badly governed for so long that the question is no longer whether it will thrive, but rather, whether it will survive. Many San Francisco businesses have closed their doors, while others are barely hanging on. Gump’s is an upscale »

Nope, ‘Woke’ Is Not a Polite Way of Saying the N-Word

Featured image Far-left journalist and former MSNBC contributor Touré doesn’t appreciate the Right’s use of the word “woke” to describe those who disingenuously find systemic racism lurking behind every one of social ills. He took to Twitter on Wednesday to inform us: At this point woke is a slur. The way the right uses it is an undercover way of saying “those people,” or “non-white people.” It’s a polite way of saying »

The Demographics of Crime

Featured image Minnesota’s Bureau of Criminal Apprehension released its report on the state’s 2021 crime statistics late Friday afternoon. My colleague Bill Glahn was one of the few who noticed. The BCA’s numbers indicate that in 2021, homicides were up 72% over 2019, the state’s last “normal” year. Aggravated assaults were up 63% over 2019, and robberies up 30%. Minnesota’s crime wave continues to worsen. What I really want to focus on »

A Shooting In Akron

Featured image Riots have been taking place in Akron, Ohio, following the shooting by police of Jayland Walker. The incident occurred in June, but release of police bodycam footage has sparked the riots. The case has made international news. The London Times, for example, headlined Jayland Walker: Plea for calm after Ohio police kill unarmed black man. The other fact that has gotten much publicity is that officers–I believe there were eight »

The Verdict Is In: BLM Is a Fraud

Featured image We have written several times about the fraud that has been perpetrated by the founders of the Black Lives Matter movement, e.g. here, here, here and here. Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation raised a reported $90 million, mostly from large corporations. In truth, however, no one knows how much money the operation pulled in, since it hasn’t filed its legally required reports. The whole thing has turned out to »

BLM Was Always a Fraud

Featured image I wrote here about the fact that the umbrella Black Lives Matter organization, the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, is a fraud. It collected $90 million, largely from panicked corporations, and no one knows what happened to the money, except that a lot of it was spent on luxury real estate purchases and other perks for the organization’s leaders. But the truth turns out to be even worse than »

The Black Lives Matter Scam [Updated]

Featured image I referred to the Black Lives Matter organization as a scam in a post yesterday. Those who don’t follow the news closely may not have understood that characterization. This New York Magazine piece is a good place to start. It focuses mainly on a $6 million house in California that Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, the BLM umbrella organization, bought with donated funds in October 2020. BLM has plenty »

It’s Open Season On Cops

Featured image The National Fraternal Order of Police reports that in the first quarter of 2022, 101 police officers were shot in the line of duty, 17 fatally. That represents a 43% increase over the same time period in 2021, and a 63% increase over 2020. I think it is fair to infer that the [Only] Black Lives Matter scam and associated anti-police sentiment is responsible for increased violence against law enforcement, »

Tom Cotton hangs tough

Featured image Although it was noted in the news on February 1, I first heard on the grapevine a few weeks later that Senator Tom Cotton has put a hold on every pending United States Attorney nomination. He has placed the hold over his objection to the Justice Department’s refusal to undertake the defense of four federal marshals being sued for their work defending the Portland federal courthouse in the George Floyd »

There’s something about Quintez

Featured image Quintez Brown is charged with the attempted assassination of Democratic Louisville mayoral candidate Craig Greenberg and four others in the office. Brown failed, but you can’t say he didn’t make a good faith effort. One of the bullets pierced Greenberg’s sweater. Breitbart News reports the story here. The judge set bail at $100,000, which seems a little light to me. Breaking: @LouCommBailFund has paid the $100,000 to bail out @BLMLouisville »