Critical Race Theory

Only Racists Need Apply

Featured image I don’t know that there has ever been a place and time in American history when only racists were permitted to teach in the public schools. Mississippi in, say, 1935? I don’t know, maybe. But to my knowledge they had no purity test. Contrast that with Minnesota in 2022, where the Minnesota Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board is considering a new standard that would only allow people who profess »

Critical Ethnic Studies Come to Our Schools

Featured image In recent years, the attitude of liberals toward Critical Race Theory has been summed up as: “It doesn’t exist. And it’s awesome!” But as the infiltration of CRT into curricula across the country has become impossible to deny, promotion of racism and anti-Americanism has come out of the closet. Thus we see the public schools in St. Paul announcing a new “Critical Ethnic Studies” curriculum: So Critical Ethnic Studies is »

Banning Critical Race Theory

Featured image Earlier this month, Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves signed legislation intended to ban the precepts of Critical Race Theory from that state’s public schools. According to Campus Reform, Mississippi is the fifteenth state to enact such a ban. The tricky thing, of course, is characterizing the teachings of CRT. The point is not to ban teaching about CRT, but rather to ban the pernicious doctrines that flow from CRT. Mississippi’s approach »

High-Water Mark for CRT?

Featured image Critical Race Theory has been the Holy Grail of the Democratic Party, culminating in the adoption last Summer of a full-throated endorsement of CRT by the National Education Association, which largely runs the public schools. But perhaps the triumph of CRT has been short-lived. Here, Beto O’Rourke, running for Governor of Texas, is asked about CRT and begins with the lie that it is just something they talk about in »

When you wish upon a CRT resolution

Featured image Justin Danhof is executive vice president of the National Center for Public Policy Research and a shareholder gadfly. Earlier this week he spoke in favor of his Disney shareholder proposal seeking “to protect Disney from a myriad of legal and reputational risks stemming from its race-based employee training programs.” The center has posted background here. It has also posted the text of Danhof’s statement here. FOX News covers it here. »

Who Is Teaching Our Children?

Featured image A better question might be, who is teaching the people who teach our children? But first, this observation–as I have written before, the liberal position on Critical Race Theory is: “It doesn’t exist. And it’s awesome!” The first line of defense is always to claim that CRT is a bogeyman invented by the right; there is no such thing in our schools. But that claim, which usually is easily proved »

Newton’s first law, etc.

Featured image A look, a book, and a crook (or a crock). What is the question, according to Carnac the Magnificent? I don’t know, but it is the miscellany that I need this morning. Thinking of Carnac makes me laugh. I think I was studying high school physics when I heard him divine the question to the answer: “One fig to a cookie.” The question: “What is Newton’s first law?” It still »

Conservatives flip two Houston school board seats

Featured image The Houston Independent School District board consists of nine members. None is a conservative. That will change soon, however, because conservative candidates won two seats in a runoff election on Saturday. One of them (a man who once lost his job with the city due to sexual harassment allegations) won by fewer than 100 votes in a district where turnout was less than seven percent. The other won more convincingly »

Against book banning

Featured image One of the happiest developments of 2021 has been the national movement of parents pushing back against woke education. As Stanley Kurtz says: Nothing can beat parents organized to halt the erosion of core American ideals like freedom of expression or equality before the law. Thankfully, a record of early successes is rapidly building a larger movement to take back our schools. But Stanley warns that the movement risks committing »

What Are They Teaching Our Children?

Featured image The issue of leftist indoctrination in the public schools has been with us for a while, but it has exploded into public consciousness during the past year. The main focus has been Critical Race Theory, a toxic compound of racism and anti-Americanism. Many people are reluctant to believe that the public schools could possibly be as bad as they are being portrayed. Such skepticism is abetted by school officials who »

They Are After Our Children

Featured image The precepts of Critical Race Theory are only taught to law school students, right? Sure. And also to pre-schoolers. Check out this new program from the University of Texas called GoKAR!. KAR stands for Kids Against Racism. UT is looking for parents “caregivers” who have preschool children ages four to five. They must “identify as white.” This is so the four and five year olds can be subjected to an »

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Does It Help? [with comment by Paul]

Featured image Controversy is raging over Critical Race Theory and other leftist doctrines in the public schools. Liberals say they don’t teach CRT, they just teach Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. But a basic question is: Why? Why has “equity,” as understood by the Left, come to dominate public education? Presumably liberals would answer that diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives benefit students of color, especially black students. If that is not the case, »

The “racial reckoning’s” reckoning

Featured image The Washington Post has a lengthy article about how Tuesday’s election has dashed the hopes of black activists. The article begins this way: The summer of 2020 brought a renewed focus on addressing racism, with protesters filling the streets after the police killings of Black men; statues of Confederate leaders coming down from their prominent perches; and the leading Democratic presidential candidate promising systemic changes to right the wrongs of »

Maryland county teaches there’s a “double pandemic” of COVID and racism

Featured image Earlier today, Scott showed how the assertion “Critical Race Theory is not taught in [fill in name of state] schools” has become a mantra on left-wing cable news. It’s also a mantra at the Washington Post. Actually, Critical Race Theory (CRT) is a benign-sounding description of what is being taught in many public schools. Democrats are lucky that the label for the racist indoctrination that’s going on isn’t “Whites are »

The Hive does CRT

Featured image The ideological denigration of the United States and its white majority as oppressive and racist has become a political issue as it has seeped into public schools. The parents of Loudon County made their voices heard in advance of Tuesday’s Virginia gubernatorial election. Barack Obama jumped into the ring from the top turnbuckle to instruct Virginia voters to disregard it as a “phony trumped-up culture war issue.” Formulating the issue »

Racism In the Public Schools

Featured image This is one of the most grotesque instances of racism I have seen in a long time–not just racism in the public schools, but racism, period. It comes from Wayzata, Minnesota, one of the Twin Cities’ wealthiest (and whitest) suburbs. A book called Not My Idea: A Book About Whiteness, supposedly suitable for grades 4 through 6, is on Wayzata’s Reading List and apparently is being used in some other »

CRT: It Doesn’t Exist…And It’s Awesome! [with comment by Paul]

Featured image Critical Race Theory has become the number one political issue in the U.S. So, needless to say, it is the top issue in school board elections that are taking place across the country. Thus, in one of Minnesota’s largest school districts, the administration emailed talking points to school board members, telling them how to answer questions about CRT from concerned parents. No doubt many other districts have done the same. »