Way to go, Trunk. Arafat

Way to go, Trunk. Arafat will never get what he deserves–that wouldn’t be possible, in this life–but at least he is finally being made irrelevant as a political figure. And I would bet that George Bush is one person who hasn’t forgotten about Noel and Moore, or about Leon Klinghoffer, or Arafat’s other crimes against Americans and others. Bush is such a simple-minded guy–he just can’t help disapproving of murder. I’ve read (can’t remember where) that one reason why he hasn’t engaged in any personal Mideast summitry is that he can’t bring himself to shake Arafat’s hand. By the way, here’s a prediction: Arafat will eventually be murdered by a Muslim zealot, reprising the fate of a number of history’s washed-up fanatics.


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