Debka File is now reporting

Debka File is now reporting that Hesham Hadayat worked at the Los Angeles airport for the American Mercury ground service company for five years, from 1993 until 1998. During that time he acted suspiciously enough to come to the attention of El Al, which asked American Mercury not to put Hadayat on shifts when its flights were scheduled, and put him under surveillance. Hadayat is reported to have left American Mercury after a meeting with Dr. Ayman Zawahiri in California; Zawahiri was both the head of Egyptian Jihad and bin Laden’s second in command. Hadayat then set up a limousine service that mainly served the LA airport, allegedly on Zawahiri’s instructions. If true, this suggests that Hadayat was an al Quada sleeper. Hadayat also fits the terrorist profile in that his father is a retired Egyptian general and his uncle was Egypt’s minister of science. Thus, he comes from a relatively wealthy and privileged background.


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