In the past couple of

In the past couple of days, a few columnists have disseminated information regarding the background of Hadayet that has been available on the Internet since shortly after the massacre. Among the excellent columns that have appeared on the subject are those by Frank Gaffney, the incomparable Daniel Pipes, and the hilarious Mark Steyn. I may have missed something, but I have found no inkling of the possible existence of Hadayet’s links to the Islamofascists in the mainstream press.
Sometimes a single incident can cast illumination on a large, important phenomenon that might otherwise escape our attention or understanding. It seems to me that the El Al massacre is such an event, casting illumination on a variety of phenomena to which we should attend. One of the phenomena illuminated by the massacre is the suicidal nature of America’s immigration policy, a policy that is more or less heedless of the American national interest. But for the State Department’s “diversity lottery,” Hedayet might otherwise have been deported six years ago. The State Department held this year’s “diversity lottery” again last month. Michelle Malkin has noticed and written an informative column on the subject. The idea of a “diversity lottery” for legal resident status in the United States represents the confluence of streams of stupidity that have created something like the public policy equivalent of the perfect storm.