There is a fine line,

There is a fine line, at times, between hardball politics and treason. In my opinion, the Democrats have crossed it. Their current attacks on President Bush are so absurd that they could not be made by any person of normal intelligence, acting in good faith. The Democrats have no concern for truth; no concern for the public good; no concern for sound public policy; no concern for their country. They are motivated by nothing but raw lust for power. And they have the entire mainstream media and virtually all of our popular culture reflexively on their side, usually out of ignorance, but often out of malice and self-interest. Meanwhile their leader, Tom Daschle, is so utterly corrupt that he cannot even divulge his tax returns. But don’t expect to read about this in the New York Times, the Washington Post or the many other newspapers that, like the Times and the Post, have abandoned any pretense of serious journalism and have turned into clearinghouses for the recycling of Democratic National Committee press releases. These are dark times for our country. Are the American people strong enough to withstand the Democrats’ onslaught? I doubt it.


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