Debka File reports that “the

Debka File reports that “the Bush administration is forging forward alone with a grand scheme for overhauling the Palestinian Authority politically, economically, militarily and administratively, a scheme so broad that the term ‘reforms’ does not begin to do it justice.” If Debka File is right, the plan includes fundamental changes in everything from water management to education; the US has already begun recruiting Palestinians to staff the two systems regarded as most pivotal, the judiciary and security. These sweeping changes are reportedly just “one brick in a comprehensive strategy for redesigning the Middle East and its national frontiers, a strategy already in place among the Kurdish and Turkoman minorities of northern Iraq.” Check it out. I hope all of this is correct; the President is a bold thinker, and the scope of his initiatives, if these reports are accurate, highlights the unimaginative pettiness of past efforts to solve the Middle East puzzle.


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