Today’s Jerusalem Post has a

Today’s Jerusalem Post has a marvelous piece by Michael Freund on “Jewish Heritage Day” at Shea Stadium in New York this past Sunday. He calls the piece “Seventh Inning Kvetch” because it questions the continuing viability of America’s diminishing Jewish community. It comes as news to me that the Mets have a “Jewish Heritage Day” event and that 30,000 Jews show up to cheer the Mets on in observance of it.
Freund states: “This, I thought to myself, was a classic example of what makes America great. Only in a country as free and tolerant as the United States could Jews so boldly and publicly assert their identity without fear or recrimination. Sure, it may not be perfect, and no place is, but the ease with which Jews are able to live as Jews, while still participating fully in secular society, is as remarkable as it is unprecedented.” Freund also searches for some grounds on which to be optimistic regarding the survival of Jews in both America and Israel.


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