I just got back from

I just got back from a week in the North Woods with the family. We had a great time; the weather was excellent and the fishing was even good. We were without internet access but did scan the headlines every morning and, more important, kept up with the Twins. We didn’t miss too much, I guess, which is good. We conservatives really mean it when we say that no news is good news–we seek happiness elsewhere. Since getting home, I’ve just had time to catch up with the Trunk’s posts. One thing that has become increasingly obvious is the disconnect between reality and the mainstream media when it comes to Iraq. I don’t know what we’re going to do or when we’re going to do it, but at least I’m not lost in what the Trunk called the “great cloud of unknowing.” The Times and the Post are more used than Monica Lewinski, but it’s hard to tell from day to day who exactly is using them and for what purpose. They don’t appear to know either. We can only hope Saddam is reading them and trusting fully in their exegises of the daily news. In the meantime, the Administration is laying its plans. Maybe Debka File has them right; I think I hope so. But whatever happens will come as a complete surprise to people who have been relying on the Post, the Times and the networks for their news.