Our faithful reader Mitch Webber

Our faithful reader Mitch Webber at Yale Pundits has posted a thoughtful and impassioned condemnation of the criticisms routinely applied to Israel’s war of self-defense. Webber’s piece is entitled “The Hall of Self-Hatred?” and, although it ultimately takes off after the unspeakable Noam Chomsky, it first notes the relatively ineffectual arguments Webber believes Jews make on Israel’s behalf. Indeed, Webber begins by asking that Jews “stop talking about themselves” because their language is “perverted and used to their disadvantage.” It seems to me that Webber’s examples, however, illustrate the facility with which Arab spokesmen lie on behalf of cold-blooded Palestinian murderers and therefore conceal their ultimate aims. To the extent that the Israeli government spokesmen who appear on American television generally do not fare as well as their Arab counterparts, it is because they are constrained by the truth and by their own fully functioning consciences. Arab spokesmen, on the other hand, have a built-in advantage in debate because they lie with premeditation and impunity. Take for example the wholly fabricated “Jenin massacre” that Arab spokesmen touted for days on end. We encourage Webber to continue to write and encourage our readers to take a look.


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