It took my sleeping on

It took my sleeping on it overnight to figure it out, but easily the most important piece in the newspapers yesterday was the column by retiring Wall Street Journal editor Robert Bartley on the FBI’s anthrax investigation. The column powerfully suggests that the FBI’s anthrax investigation has become a farce pursuant to a script written by a left-wing kook, Barbara Hatch Rosenberg. Bartley also notes that the farcical elements of the investigation have been cheered on by New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof. Bartley’s column discredits the FBI on a matter of urgent national importance. The Journal editorial page has persistently pointed to Iraq as the likely suspect in the anthrax case and there seems to be a fair amount of circumstantial evidence to tie the anthrax case to the 9/11 attack. I wonder if the FBI investigation is so botched that we will never get to the bottom of the anthrax case.


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