As both an outstanding actor

As both an outstanding actor himself and a respectful fan, Richard Dreyfuss has a powerful, moving tribute to Charlton Heston on National Review Online.
Dreyfuss notes: “Self-consciousness is the anticipation of being silly and often is the spoiler for many actors. Charlton Heston had no such problem. He would dive into the story with what I can only call measured abandon and make me believe. And it was fun watching him.” Dreyfuss applies this observation to Heston’s most famous parts, but it also applies to his roles in lesser movies such as “Planet of the Apes” as well. In that movie’s key role he ran around in a loincloth with “measured” abandon and absolute conviction, making the movie a smash and turning it into a franchise. I don’t think any other star of comparable candlepower would even have tried.


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