Welcome to new readers who

Welcome to new readers who are referred by our button on Real Clear Politics. Let us take a moment to introduce ourselves. We are three middle-aged guys, all practicing lawyers and all formerly on the left, who have progressed rightward over the years. We use the Power Line to point out news items and analyses that we think are important; to cajole and, we hope, to persuade; and to attack the forces that we think obstruct freedom (properly understood) and virtue (classically understood, as the excellence of human character).
We write about whatever interests us–mostly current events, but not exclusively–and if you want to generalize about our perspective, you could say that we are Declaration of Independence conservatives. Our political heroes are Washington, Lincoln, Churchill and Reagan. We also enjoy blogging for its immediacy and the ability it confers to communicate our thoughts on a moment’s notice without the intervention of editors, etc. We have published a number of newspaper and magazine articles over the years; examples are linked below under Monday, August 26. Currently, though, we’re focused mainly on blogging. We hope you enjoy our site. Please send any comments or questions, as it says off to the left, to [email protected]