I agree, Deacon. I’d be

I agree, Deacon. I’d be surprised if Saddam’s government doesn’t fall quickly. Debka File reports that Saddam is listless and seemingly depressed, and war preparations in Iraq have slowed. On the other hand, Debka File also reports that Iran, deeply concerned about the implications of a pro-US regime in Iraq, is plotting with Syria, Lebanon and the Palestinian Authority to open up a second front via attacks on Israel, hoping that this will deter or interrupt American action. Iran’s overture is said to have received an enthusiastic reception in Syria, because “Syria’s Bashar Assad shares Tehran’s conviction that the installment of a pro-American regime in Baghdad is extremely dangerous, a direct threat to the Ayatollahs in Tehran, the Baath regime in Damascus, the freedom of operation of the Syria-based Palestinian terror groups and the very existence of the Hizballah, Tehran’s primary arm for overseas operations and intelligence.” That is, I think, an accurate assessment, and it sums up very well why the Bush administration is wise to begin with Iraq.


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