James Lileks, who like the

James Lileks, who like the Trunk and me lives in Minnesota, is one of the best of the bloggers. In fact, before there was such a thing as a web log, he was doing something akin to blogging in our local newspaper. Andrew Sullivan linked to Lileks’ explanation of why he is still angry one year later. We hear a lot of hand-wringing about the idea that a year after the terrorist attacks, the American people have lost their resolve, forgotten that there are people out there trying to kill us and our children, and sunk back into a state of indolence punctuated now and then by therapy. I don’t think this is true–certainly not in the circles I move in, and as far as I can see, not throughout America generally. The left, of course, has not given up the territory it controlled a year ago in government, the press and the universities, its three sources of power. The old outrages continue, some of them documented here on Power Line–the Mountaineers’ musket banned by the University of Wisconsin, the American flag banned from the September 11 program at the University of California, fiction propounded as fact in the pages of the New York Times and other left-wing outlets. But the outrages are challenged more consistently, and I think more successfully, than before. It is noteworthy that in both of the cases referred to above, the Universities of Wisconsin and California were forced to back down. And correcting the errors of the “mainstream” press has become a cottage industry in the blogosphere. So I’d be curious to hear from readers–where you are, is the anger gone? Is America back to business as usual, or is the resolve to win the war still there?


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