Nunsense, Part 5: Yesterday’s Star

Nunsense, Part 5: Yesterday’s Star Tribune carries Graydon Royce’s sympathetic account of the Nunsense franchise and its new entry, Meshuggah-Nuns, making its world premiere next week at the Chanhassen Dinner Theater out in Prince country. Dan Goggin is the author of the Nunsense comedies and sounds like some kind of a genius. According to Graydon Royce’s story, “Nuns forever: Goggin goes ‘Meshuggah’ over his favorite nuns,” Nunsense and its sequels have proved popular all over the world and saved many otherwise dying theaters to boot.
In the new installment, the nuns take a cruise on which Fiddler on the Roof is the featured entertainment. When the entire cast falls ill, with the exception of the actor playing Tevye, the nuns gamely jump in and offer to do a variety show with him. In short, the nuns set sail for the borscht belt.
Every element of this story comes as news to me; where have I been? The play sounds very funny. The title is inspired. We will have to see Meshuggah-Nuns.


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