More on Torchgate: The Trenton

More on Torchgate: The Trenton Courier Post has a terrific summary of the situation as of today, “Ethics blows have Torricelli battered and on the brink.” Among other things, the story notes a poll showing the Torch now down 13 points to his invisible Republican opponent. The story also notes another fact I had missed: “Democrats announced Friday that Torricelli had been selected to make the Democratic response to President Bush’ s weekly Saturday radio broadcast.”
The Torch is indeed the perfect spokesman for the Gore/Dasche Democratic party. Perhaps the guy can join Steve Van Zandt on “The Sopranos” after he gets blown out of office. Rocket Man, do you remember the song Bruce Springsteen wrote for Steve Van Zandt in his previous incarnation as the rocker Little Stevie? “Trapped Again…”


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