The Star Tribune’s James Lileks

The Star Tribune’s James Lileks is a brilliant satirist who saves his best stuff for his Web site. He also has an incredibly high threshold for pain that has allowed him not only to read Minnesota Senator Paul Wellstone’s rumimations on Iraq in their entirety, but also to parse them in detail. Lileks places his comments on Wellstone’s speech under the part of his site he calls “The Screed (a sporadic attempt to disassemble the indefensible).” In the following paragraph he’s just getting warmed up as he addresses a point we have been seeking to articulate today and in several of our previous items, but the whole piece is just terrific:
“[T]here are two parties nowadays: the US party, and the UN party. The former includes Republicans and Democrats who have an inordinate, romantic, and almost quaint attachment to the Constitution and the notion of national sovereignty. The latter regard nation-states as subsets of a global construct that values unanimous impotence over individual effort, and values procedure over results. The US party calls in mortar fire on the enemy positions. The UN party stands up, climbs over the lip of the trench, and recites Robert


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