Rocket Man’s post below refers

Rocket Man’s post below refers to the resentencing of Sara Jane Olson, formerly known as Kathleen Soliah. The St. Paul Pioneer Press has an excellent update on the resentencing, “Board rules Sara Jane Olson must serve 5 extra years in prison.” Rocket Man and I have followed the Sara Jane Olson story since she was apprehended at her home, a few blocks from where I and my family were living at the time. The striking thing in this story is Olson’s approximation of an acknowledgment of her conduct and her approximation of an apology for it: “‘I’m incredibly sorry,’ said Olson, whose long hair had grayed considerably since her last court appearance. ‘I can’t take it back, so I have to take responsibility, and that’s what I’m doing now. It’s something that’s very difficult to live with and face my own children.'”
Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney Michael Latin, who prosecuted Olson for her attempted bombing of Los Angeles policemen, is also quoted in the article. Latin pursued the case despite the difficulties of proceeding in a matter in which two key witnesses had died and the evidence had grown cold. He refused to allow Olson’s 25-year flight from prosecution for her crimes to succeed, and did so in the face of much public derision. We are sincerely grateful for his outstanding efforts and trust that they will pay further dividends in bringing justice to the family of Myrna Opsahl at the pending trial for her 1975 murder, a murder stemming from a bank robbery perpetrated by Olson and her other SLA cronies. The photograph of the SLA defendants together in the dock at the plea hearing on the murder charge is a classic depicting the unhappiest reunion since the Nuremberg defendants faced their accusers in November 1945.