As to “The Cross-Examination of

As to “The Cross-Examination of Hermann Goering,” the Trunk wrote the article and deserves all credit. I merely supplied a few observations on the art of cross-examination, learned mainly from my own mistakes. Having said that, it’s a fun piece but also a sobering reminder that when confronting deadly evil, lawyers are not the defense of choice.
Here is the latest on the South Dakota Democrat voter fraud scandal from the Sioux Falls Argus Leader. The scandal continues to spread, as ten per cent of the new voter registrations in Shannon County are now considered “suspect and under investigation.” This attempt to steal an election is reminiscent of Florida, with two major exceptions: First, it is occurring prior to the election and can still be exposed and stopped in time. Second, I grew up in South Dakota and am acquainted with the sort of ladies who become County Auditors there. This is not lost-in-a-fog Florida; these are not people to be trifled with. I have every hope that the fraud will be uncovered and dealt with by November 5.


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