Here is a disturbing piece

Here is a disturbing piece by columnist Caroline Glick in the Jerusalem Post. Ariel Sharon has agreed to transfer to the Palestinian Authority certain tax revenues that Israel agreed in the Oslo Accords to collect for the PA. The funds have been frozen since the PA went to war against Israel two years ago. A small amount was transferred this summer and the Israeli army says the money has been used to finance terrorists. Sharon’s stated justification for transferring the rest of the money is that Israel, the U.S., and the PA have now worked out an agreement whereby the allocation will be conducted under the supervision of American and European Union officials who will make sure the money isn’t used to finance murder. Right. Will Jimmy Carter oversee the process?
Why did Sharon really agree to this? Because President Bush asked him to. In fact, Bush praised this decision when he met with Sharon this week. Why did President Bush get involved? I don’t know, but I suspect the State Department is telling him that PA “reform” is moving ahead beautifully and that the transfer of funds is needed to preserve the momentum. For whatever reason, Bush has bought this ridiculous story, at least for the time being. I fear that, while Bush is focusing on other issues, the State Department will soon pronounce the PA “reformed” and renew the push for a sovereign Palentinian state. The Glick column provides plenty of evidence that PA reform is a hoax. As I said, it is a disturbing piece.


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