Australian blogger Tim Blair is

Australian blogger Tim Blair is in New York, where he encountered a “No Blood For Oil” protest at the U.N. Here is one thing I’ve never understood: If you take seriously the idea that the Administration would have no compunction about invading another country in order to get access to its oil reserves, why would it pick on Iraq, the one Arab country that is heavily armed and extremely dangerous? If we were that desperate for oil, why not just stroll into Kuwait (as Saddam Hussein did) or Saudi Arabia, neither of whom could offer any resistance at all, let alone unleash weapons of mass destruction? Heck, we already have enough troops in those countries to do the job. Or we could take over Venezuela; or, for that matter, we could save ourselves the trouble and just drill in Alaska. Of all of the ways one could conceive of to get control over more oil, the stupidest would be to attack Iraq. You wonder sometimes whether leftists ever think about the things they say.