Another case of voter fraud

Another case of voter fraud is emerging, this time in Arkansas, where once again dead people–and even a handful of businesses, like “Reed’s Wrecker”–have been registered to vote. In Arkansas as in South Dakota, local Democrats say the violations are aberrational and they are cooperating with the authorities. As in South Dakota, Arkansas Democrats say that Republicans are trying to “disenfranchise” minority voters when they complain about voter fraud. The fraud that we are seeing now in connection with registration is nothing compared to the fraud that will occur on Election Day, especially in states that permit same-day registration. Voter fraud is the great, unacknowledged issue in American democracy; nothing serious is being done about it; and a very real danger results that the entire electoral process will lose its legitimacy. I believe that the root of the problem, as explained by Deacon a few days ago, is that major constituencies of the Democratic Party simply do not recognize an obligation to follow rules.


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