Last weekend we posted the

Last weekend we posted the most widely read law review article of all time by Professor James Lindgren of Northwestern University Law School. The article demolished not just the analysis, but also the scholarly bona fides, of Michael Bellesiles (whose name I’m afraid I misspelled in my post) and his Bancroft Prize-winning anti-gun book, Arming America. Bellesiles was a professor of history at Emory University. Yesterday Emory University released the report of the distinguished panel of inquiry it had convened on the affair. The panel report found Professor Lindgren’s article to be of great use in performing its task. The report was released yesterday, simultaneously with Bellesiles’ resignation from Emory. The new issue of the Weekly Standard is out this morning and its Scrapbook section recaps the affair in the last item, “Ready, Aim, Fired.”


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