While control of the Senate

While control of the Senate and the House is up for grabs, everyone seems to agree that, following Tuesday’s elections, Democrats will constitute a majority of the nation’s governors. Stephen Moore of the Cato Institute does not dispute this, but finds solace in the fact that Republicans will win in at least three of the big-four states — Texas, Florida, New York, and maybe California. Moore hopes that Governor Pataki’s third term will resemble his first, when he was still a tax-cutter. As I noted several days ago, this is a forlorn hope given the promises Pataki has made to big labor. But Moore is pleased that several genuine conservatives are poised to win, notably Mark Sanford in South Carolina who wants to repeal that state’s income tax. Finally, Moore predicts a victory for Bob Ehrlich in Maryland. That would make Ehrlich the first Republican governor here since Spiro Agnew, who won in 1966 by running to the left of his maverick opponent as a Rockefeller Republican.


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