I love this story from

I love this story from the Washington Post about a rally for Kathleen Kennedy Townsend attended by Al Gore. Apparently equating his defeat in 2000 with Pearl Harbor and assassination of JFK, Gore asked the folks whether they remembered where they were when the Supreme Court pulled the plug on his Florida recount. According to the Post, “dozens of hands shot up,” meaning that hundreds did not. The narcissistic former VP then urged the crowd to channel its outrage over his defeat into Townsend’s faltering Maryland gubernatorial campaign. Then it was Townsend’s turn. She began by telling the rally at predominantly black Bowie State University that “it’s great to be here at Coppin State University,” a different predominantly black school.
Less than a year ago, Townsend was running 15 points ahead of opponent Bob Ehrlich in the polls, and was being touted as a possible Vice Presidential candidate in 2004. Today she trails Ehrlich by 4 points. This article helps explain why. As I said last week, this may be that rare election in which, as Michael Dukakis once said, the primary issue is competence, not ideology.


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