In the post below we

In the post below we refer to St. Paul’s Xcel Center as the house that Norm built. It therefore makes perfect sense that President Bush appeared this afternoon on behalf of Norm at Xcel Center, before a crowd of 10,000.
The Pioneer Press account of the event, “Bush urges St. Paul crowd to support Coleman,” is interesting. What I found most of interest was the apparent feistiness of the supporters who showed up for the event. The article notes that a small group of anti-war protesters also showed up outside the Xcel Center chanting dopey slogans and waving dopey signs, but that they were met with a response that is a little unusual for Minnesota Republicans: “[The protesters] chanted slogans and carried banners reading ‘Make jobs, not war,’ ‘No blood for oil’ and ‘Clean energy, not polluting energy.’ Others carried Wellstone and Mondale posters. One apparent conspiracy theorist held a sign with Wellstone


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