Our readers have provided us

Our readers have provided us some of the best information we have received on current races. This afternoon our reader Mark Oakley wrote us as follows from Colorado:
“The Republican Party formed a ’96 hour task force’ months ago to get out the vote in Colorado. It is a well-funded, well-organized effort, and they recruited and trained all the volunteers they needed a long time ago. However, all Republicans can still do their part to get out the vote by making sure everybody they know votes. Also, don’t believe the VNS exit polling about the Colorado Senate
race. The Republicans made a huge effort to get absentee ballot applications mailed to every Republican in the state (in Colorado, you don’t need a reason to request an absentee ballot.) In addition to the absentee ballots, the most heavily Republican areas of the state had large early voting numbers, and a lot of the Republican support in Colorado comes from small towns where the VNS is unlikely to have a presence. So the majority of people going to the polls where the VNS is likely to have a presence will be Democrats.”
Mark concludes with this observation, which will have continuing relevance past this evening: “Politics is not Rocket Science, but all the Rocket Scientists I know are Republican.”


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