The always-fascinating Debka File writes

The always-fascinating Debka File writes that American, British and Iranian special forces have been battling Iraqi troops for the last two weeks in southeastern Iraq. Debka File says the plan is for the allied troops to complete the encirclement of Iraq’s southern oilfields within sixty days, so that by the time the new inspection team submits its report, the US-led forces will be in position to seize the Khozistan oilfields immediately. This mirrors the situation already established in the north, according to Debka File. If this analysis is correct, President Bush’s strategy is to be poised to move decisively against Saddam Hussein the moment the inspectors report lack of compliance with the latest U.N. resolution. Seizure of both the northern and southern oilfields will inevitably, the thinking is said to go, lead to the downfall of Saddam. Maybe, but my guess is that the Administration will not wait for a coup, and that part of the plan will be to move directly against Saddam with lightning speed. I think the campaign will be stunningly swift. Is anyone betting against President Bush these days? Not me. Debka File says that Saddam has sought to slow down the American advance and make aerial observation more difficult by setting fire to the southeastern Iraqi marshes, which, I take it, contain plenty of oil. The photo below shows the burning marshes.


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