Our reader Dick Benesh has

Our reader Dick Benesh has thoughtfully forwarded an on-the-scene report provided by the “alternative” Minneapolis weekly City Pages of the DFL election eve party last week. Courtesy of the City Pages account, you can almost feel the gloom descending. Dick regrets he wasn’t there to enjoy it. Submitted for your consideration, an article that brings new meaning to the term Schadenfreude: “Wasn’t that a party.”
Key quote: “On election night the Democratic Party–in characteristic ass-backward fashion–wound up holding its wake for Paul Wellstone a week after the funeral. The evening made for grim spectacle almost from the beginning. By 9:30 there was a palpable sense of dread in the room, accompanied by a pervasive reek from what I hoped was neglected cheese trays.” On second thought, maybe Dick’s better off having enjoyed the party vicariously.


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