More on Minnesota’s Angry Humorist:

More on Minnesota’s Angry Humorist: Chuck Chalberg is a history teacher at a community college in the Twin Cities. The Pioneer Press carries his take on the unfunny one’s Salon columns this morning, and it is worth reading. He manages to direct the appropriate ridicule in the right direction in the piece: “Garrison may have burned a few.” For comparitive purposes the Pioneer Press runs a condensed version of the unfunny one’s ravings alongside: “On Norm.”
D.J. Tice’s weekly PP column also takes the bait. As is his style, Doug takes the long view and addresses the larger political context in which to situate the unfunny one’s ravings: “Democrat Majority died from old, Vietnam-era wounds.” Doug is really feeling it in this piece, and I urge you to take a look. Great quote: “There are, of course, a dozen other [non-security related] issues on which Democrats are hobbled by the ’60s mindset, which hasn’t digested a really new idea since the Beatles broke up. The basic malady may be the pseudo-religious, political fundamentalism of many Woodstock-era faithful, which produces (now as decades ago) a breathtaking self-righteousness and a stunning lack of self-awareness.” Somebody say amen!


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