Our loyal reader Gene Allen

Our loyal reader Gene Allen responds to my blog comparaing Al Gore to Nixon by suggesting that Gore is “stuck in a sort of Goundhog day loop, only when Gore wakes up it’s always Halloween.” Gene notes that Gore’s “favorite costume theme appears to be former presidents.” During one of the debates with Bush, Gore “showed up looking, walking, talking, and trying to act like Ronald Reagan.” And (although Gene doesn’t mention this) Gore certainly has tried to impersonate Clinton at times. Now he’s acting like Nixon. Gene concludes that “somebody should give this guy some wooden teeth.”
The scary thing about my analogy to Nixon, of course, is that Nixon returned from the dead (like Freddie Kreuger, to stay with the Halloween theme) to become president. And no one should rule out the possibility that Gore will also accomplish this. On the other hand, Nixon knew he could wait eight years. Thus, he sat out the 1964 election, which he surely would have lost badly to Lyndon Johnson, thus ending his career. Gore hears Ms. Clinton’s footsteps and has concluded, I believe, that he must run in 2004. Although there are certainly scenarios under which Gore could win in 2004, right now it seems like a tall order.


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