This is a very sad

This is a very sad story; you’ve probably heard about it. The Miss World contest is being held in Nigeria. Nigeria is largely Muslim, and various clerics have denounced the pageant on the ground that it promotes promiscuity. A local newspaper ran a responsive editorial saying “What would Muhammad think? In all honesty, he would probably have chosen a wife from among them [the contestants].” This article was the occasion for Muslim riots in which more than 50 people have been murdered so far. Here is the Associated Press story. The account is dismally familiar, as Africans once again are shooting, stabbing, and burning each other alive. Threatened with mass murder, the newspaper that wrote the offending column has apologized and begged for mercy. Here is its attempt to take back its “slander” against the Prophet. It is titled: “An Apology to All Muslims”. Those readers who are familiar with the history of Communism will recognize the style of this apologia and can imagine how much good it will do. For now, it is hard to see any reason for optimism about this particular corner of Africa. Below, just for the record, is a photo of some of the contestants whose participation in the pageant precipitated the homicidal reaction detailed above.


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