Trunk, thanks for posting Schickel’s

Trunk, thanks for posting Schickel’s piece about Sam Fuller. Schickel is right that Fuller was a great critic of middle-class hypocrisy, and never more so than in The Naked Kiss, which I consider his best film. However, Fuller was no Hollywood leftist. In fact, he delivered a superb anti-communist film during the 1950s with Richard Widmark and Thelma Ritter. I don’t remember the name of the movie, but it has a great scene where Ritter realizes that this man she liked is a communist. He says, sneeringly, “What do you know about communists?” Ritter replies, “Not much; I know I don’t like them.” Unlike so many in Hollywood at that time, Fuller stood up for the common sense of the American people and was never ashamed of our perceived lack of sophistication.


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