The Terrell/Landrieu race is heating

The Terrell/Landrieu race is heating up; today’s Times-Picauyne story, reporting on the candidates’ latest debate, is headlined: “Latest Debate Smacks of Brawl as Landrieu, Terrell Go On Attack.” They’re not kidding: Terrell’s introductory statement blasted Landrieu as ineffective and accused her of voting with Ted Kennedy. Landrieu countered by expressing outrage at Terrell ads attacking Landrieu for buying a mansion in Washington, saying–in what seems to be a non sequitur–“I can’t believe the negative campaign she has run about a working mother trying to be with her children when she is a mother herself.” Terrell concluded with these comments on abortion: “I’m 100 percent pro-life. As a practicing Catholic, I did not leave my faith, as did Mary Landrieu.” The Times-Picayune reports that Landrieu appeared “stunned.” Well, one good thing is we shouldn’t hear any more from feminists about how politics wouldn’t be so nasty if there were more women involved.


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