I think Fox tilts conservative

I think Fox tilts conservative even in its regular news shows. I don’t watch enough news on the liberal networks provide a fully informed comparison between the Fox tilt and that of those networks. My sense is that the “tilt quotient” is about the same, but that the other networks put on a veneer of fake objectivity that Fox is less inclined to bother with. Referring back to Rocket Man’s initial observation as to why Gore and Daschle have lashed out at the media, I think an additional motive may be to reduce the influence of Fox. I suspect that, unlike the Washington Times and many of the conservatives on the radio, Fox has a strong following among “swing” voters and moderates. They probably find it more interesting and entertaining than the news on other networks and don’t feel it is any more biased. It is important for liberals to overcome that perception, and I suspect they are trying to do so by associating Fox with Limbaugh and the Washington Times.


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