Rocket Man has now posted

Rocket Man has now posted the “Proud friend of Israel” flag along with the American flag and other identifying tags along our left margin. One reason we are proud to be Israel’s friend is that we think the United States has no more unqualifiedly pro-American ally in the world than Israel. On average, it is more pro-American than most American states.
We have therefore frequently addressed the misguided State Department tergiversations regarding Israel’s efforts to defend itself from the homicidal mania that it confronts up close every day. Max Boot has an important column this morning that explodes the whole State Department line distinguishing the war against Israel from the war against the United States: “A Single War.” Great quote: “If we are ever to defeat [our enemies], we must see them as they see themselves. If we do, we’ll realize that the Israeli conflict is not a ‘distraction’ from the war on terrorism – it is the war on terrorism.”


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