Our friend and faithful reader

Our friend and faithful reader Kirk Kolbo is the lead attorney for the student plaintiffs in the two racial discrimination cases brought against the University of Michigan, one against the university’s undergraduate school and one against the law school. Each case involves an admissions program that is geared to produce specific percentages of admitted black and Hispanic students–quotas in all but name, all of course in the name of “diversity.”
The story of the treatment of these cases in the United States Court for Appeals for the Sixth Circuit is almost unbelievable, a story of political shenanigans that is a scandal and disgrace unto itself.
The news of the day is that 25 years after the Bakke case, the Supreme Court has accepted the Michigan cases for review and will decide the constitutional issues raised by what travels under the name of “affirmative action” in the university setting. We extend our sincere thanks to Kirk for getting this issue back in the Supreme Court and congratulate him on achieving the professional dream of a lifetime.
One thoughtful discussion of these developments is Detroit columnist Thomas Bray’s piece this morning on the OpinionJournal Web site: “Bakke to the future.”


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