RealClearPolitics has managed to round

RealClearPolitics has managed to round up several important columns I missed this morning, but none I want to read more than the Wall Street Journal column by William Buckley providing his retrospective on his career: “A Half Century in Defense of Freedom.”
And two of our favorite columnists administer justice to Trent Lott for his capital political offense. Charles Krauthammer finds no extenuating circumstances to mitigate the punishment in “A Clear Choice of Words.” Thomas Sowell also finds that “Lott is too much.” We may as well throw in Jeff Jacoby–“A disgrace to a grand old party”–and John Fund–“The weakest link”–for good measure.
In the meantime, it appears that al Qaeda has acquired VX nerve gas from the well stocked Saddam Hussein: “U.S. Suspects Al Qaeda Got Nerve Agent From Iraqis.” We may reasonably conclude that at this time we cannot afford to suffer fools gladly.


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