More on Tyesha Edwards: Monday’s

More on Tyesha Edwards: Monday’s St. Paul Pioneer Press has a follow-up without much news in it, although it has quotes from the chief of police and the mayor. According to the chief, “We want to take advantage of the interest and excitement generated from Tyesha’s death. As a result of the killing, our police department was able to pick up a significant amount of intelligence on gangs in the city.” I would love to know what that means; I’m afraid it means quite a bit less than it suggests.
Mayor Rybak employs his usual eloquence to explain further : “A door has been opened and we’re going to drive a truck through that door.”
The Pioneer Press story is “Tyesha’s slaying brings city together.” An updated version of our “Time for Regime Change in Minneapolis” column bashing the mayor and the chief is scheduled to appear in Tuesday’s Pioneer Press.


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