A few days ago we

A few days ago we linked to a column by Michelle Malkin, who pointed out that Trent Lott was already trying to pander himself out of trouble–one of several good reasons to remove him as Majority Leader. Tonight he is doing an interview on Black Entertainment Television; the interview hasn’t aired yet but CNN has a report on the interview. Sure enough, Lott is now pandering as well as groveling. “There has been immoral leadership in my part of the country for a long time,” Lott says. Asked whether he had been a part of that immoral leadership, Lott says, “Yes, I can’t deny that. And I, you know, believe I have changed and I am trying to do a better job.” Changed since when? Last week? What part of his public record does Lott now consider to be immoral?
Worst of all is this exchange about affirmative action: Lott: “I’m for that.” [“even though”–CNN volunteers–“he has voted against affirmative action legislation.”] Interviewer: “Across the board?” Lott: “Absolutely…My actions don’t reflect my voting record.” Whatever that means.
So, in order to save his skin, is Lott now willing to buy into the liberal notion that opposition to affirmative action is equivalent to advocating segregation? I’m not sure we can afford to wait until January 6 to get rid of him.


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