Staying with the always cheerful

Staying with the always cheerful and upbeat topic of race for a moment, Michelle Malkin reports on a depressingly familiar phenomenon of our times: the hate crime hoax. This one took place at the University of Mississippi; obscene, racist graffiti was scribbled on walls to make it appear that white bigots were at work. In fact, the university’s investigation has found that the vandalism was carried out by black students–who, having created their own “evidence” of white racism, then organized a “Say No To Racism” march, demanded more protection against felonious white people, attacked the university’s president for not apologizing quickly enough for the purported racial slurs, demanded the establishment of new “policies and procedures” to ensure racial sensitivity, and–well, you get the picture. Now that it turns out the whole thing was a hoax, those demands will march on, oblivious to reality. And the horrific “hate crime” that black groups originally denounced has now been degraded to a “prank” which will result in little or no punishment of those who perpetrated it. I have never seen any meaningful data on how many of these campus “hate crimes” are, in fact, hoaxes, but based on anecdotal newspaper reports, the percentage appears to be very high.


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