Great line from Ann Coulter

Great line from Ann Coulter on Lieberman, Rocket Man. The man is a poseur. Notice the opening sentence of his Washington Post op-ed posted below about North Korea. At the outset, he reminds the reader, as if in passing, that he supports President Bush on Iraq. In my view, he’s trying to assume his customary pose as an honest broker who calls them as he sees them, and who attacks Bush more in sadness than in anger. But think about it. Senate Democrats, including the biggest knaves among them, generally profess support for Bush on Iraq. So Lieberman is simply following the party line — support Bush on Iraq, where his policy is popular and likely to succeed resoundingly, and attack him on North Korea, where he’s in a real bind due to the policies of Clinton.
This is Lieberman’s modus operandi — establish his bona fides as a different kind of Democrat and then affirm the party line. During the various Clinton scandals, such as Chinagate and the Lewinsky affair, Lieberman spoke out early, expressing concern about the conduct of the Administration and/or President Clinton. The media played up these statements, citing them as evidence that at least some Democrats were taking the scandals seriously and that there would be no whitewash. In the end, though, Lieberman joined with his fellow Democrats and winked at obvious wrongdoing. And the media gave Lieberman’s conclusions extra credibility because of his initial statements of concern and his overall reputation for fair-mindedness. I came to suspect that the whole thing was choreographed from the start, and that the Democrats were using Lieberman, with his consent. In some ways, I think Lieberman’s op-ed piece on North Korea is more of the same.


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